When God set the world, He made everything beautiful. His gifts to us are innumerable and we must use them well. All these things bring us joy and comfort. We can see many trees around… teem of fish in the rivers… different kinds of animals in the land, and many many more.


It is no wonder, therefore, that we should not ruin them but enrich them with our love and care for they nourish us in order to survive. We should learn to labor with our hands to push us for a better life.


Along with this, celebration of hope and thanksgiving for the blessings we received from God is worthwhile, believing that we find peace and good health during the festival. Highlights of the said festivity include a trade fair, street dancing, display of town’s local product presented for a competition, especially during the Provincial Festival which is usually a week-long celebration. And in the Province of Isabela, Bambanti Festival has been noted as one of its kind celebration nationwide to promote cultural heritage through the different presentations organized by schools and the barangay communities.


And now, the town San Isidro, will embark another name of festival that is most fitted leaving behind “sinag banga festival due to its scarsity of materials to establish pottery making industry as the local products. Thus, PA-TIK Festival is born! It is a gift of God which stands for Pato at Itik. These are kinds of fowls that majority of residents among the thirteen (13) barangays are engaged in backyard raising to augment their income to sustain their family needs.


The main source of living in the municipality of San Isidro is farming. It possesses unique features in physical and water resources, because its land area consists of flat areas mainly used for agricultural land, some with sloping ones together with bodies of water that consists of creeks and the Ganano River that serves as the natural boundary mark linking the municipality of Echague.


The raising of duck (Pato) and Itik are indeed favorable in San Isidro because the supply of water is abundant. With the aid of the National Irrigation System, practically all tracts of land are irrigated especially now a days that two (2) pumping stations have been built to sustain the needed water supply used by the farmers. And it is very interesting to note that raisers of Itik and Pato will travel them down their flocks to the rice fields especially after harvest season to feed them with fallen grains of palay. We then say that the raisers can save money to buy commercial feeds and most importantly the meat is more nutritious ever than the meat we buy in the market.


Therefore, with the advent of PATIK festival in the municipality of San Isidro, we can say that this will provide additional income for the people of San Isidro as the insignia “One Town, One Product”.


San Isidro (IA).png